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How To Breathe Right To Live Longer

There's something that unites all of us and it unites all of us regardless of our race, gender, religion or political beliefs.

It's breathing.

Instinctively, we all know we need to breathe in order to stay alive however, what you might not realize right now is that you might be restricting your breath.

And it's affecting you in more ways than you might realize.

The way in which you're breathing is either leading you towards anxiety or towards happiness.

So our bodies are designed to breathe without our conscious control and yet we also have the ability to manipulate our breathing.

Download How To Breathe Correctly Handbook Today

When You're Half The Man You Used To Be...

Are you being feminized without your

Sorry guys, but your "male essence" is on
the decline. Your sexual appeal, libido,
and performance are fading. Worse yet, you
are being FEMINIZED without your knowledge.

To stem the damage before it's too late - grab
my FREE report "When You're Half The Man
You Were" and discover:

* Why you feel DEPLETED pretty much all the time
* How your body is slowly and quietly being FEMINIZED
* Why the male PASSION in your bedroom is being
* Why your waistline keeps expanding
* How to FIX these problems while you still can!

Tranquil Rejuvenation

Contributed By: Rufers 

User Image

Close your eyes.

Imagine a gentle touch of a cool breeze on your face.

Feel the wind sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.

Suddenly, you know you are alive.

This will rejuvenate your body, replenish fresh neurons for your brain, and refresh your mind!

Hurry and get them before it's too late!

Celestial Clairvoyance

Contributed By: Rufers 

User Image

Close your eyes.

Meditate and look with Your Third Eye.

With your eyes closed, focus your attention between your eyebrows where your Third Eye is located and just wait.

Some people don’t “See” but they may feel, sense or just have thoughts in their mind. Sometimes they may just “know” things.

Be led by the Celestial Guardian to enter the MYSTICAL REALM of Clairvoyance!

The World’s Best Kept & BIGGEST health secret of them all

Contributed By: Carolyn Hansen

User Image

Wellness is a natural state of being and it is something that each of us should hold as a high priority in life. In order to be successful in any aspect of life we must be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

It IS something that needs to be worked on every day, the road to self-care is a constant work in progress. Your desire for wellness will motivate you as it is the foundation for true wealth, happiness and joy.

Let me show you the first steps to Speak it, Think it, Live it: “My health is my wealth. When I take care of my health it is like depositing money in the bank of Abundant Life!"

And let me tell you, it feels SO good to live a life in which your happiness and health comes first.

Feel As Though Your Life Has Been Quietly Downgraded? Well, Let's Change That!

Contributed By: Carolyn Hansen

User Image

Do you know what the recognized WINNERS
in life have in common?

It's that they cracked a problem most
people never even recognize is affecting

And they used the solution to shoot past
the rest of us and massively upgrade
their life!

Would you like to know the secret to their

Now you can. When you download "Upgrade
Your Life" you'll discover how to:

* Cast off feelings of a SHACKLED YOU, so that
you can become the PERSON YOU WERE MEANT TO BE...

* Identify the ONE RITUAL that rapidly transforms
the quality of your life. It's nothing short of

* Implement the 5 STEPS necessary to zap those
lack-lustre MAYBE I SHOULDs and replace them
with life-upgrading REALLY I MUSTs!

Abundance Code

Contributed By: Kelvin Siew

User Image

Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet and feeling like you're stuck in a financial rut?

Do you dream of living a life of abundance and financial freedom, but don't know where to start?

I have some exciting news for you. The Abundance Code is the answer you've been looking for!

With this powerful tool, you'll learn the tried-and-true ways to manifest money that will change your financial situation and give you true freedom and abundance.

Zen Reflections

Contributed By: Jonathan Soh

User Image

Embark yourself on a path to tranquility, mindfulness, and spiritual awakening. This meditation will guide you to find inner peace, reduce stress, and connect with your higher self.

Control Your Own Destiny

Contributed By: The Celestial 

User Image

Your Life Is Your Own Making. Learn To Make A Good One

5th Dimension Transformation MP3

Contributed By: Gary 

User Image

This portal to the 5th Dimension has been opened...

And this audio will allow your entire being to experience the higher vibrations of the 5th Dimension.

Once you begin listening to it,

You'll have the opportunity to activate your 12 strands of DNA for ascension while all negative energies will be transmuted into pure love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity!

Download your audio for FREE here!

Better Relationships - Free Affirmations Audio

Contributed By: Brainwave Store

User Image

Helps you improve and build better relationships

Accurately calibrated music synthesis software has been used to create the exact isochronic beat frequencies required to induce a deep and consistent trance or hypnotic state. The vocal guidance will help to create the exact conditioning necessary to accept the affirmations without question.

Download it FREE today!

Prosperity Poem Package! Top 13 Prosperity Poems + Guided Money MP3

Contributed By: Christopher Westra

User Image

Bolster your prosperity and confidence with this Prosperity Poem Package! Boost your wealth and happiness now.

Gain wealth and abundance. Reprogram your beliefs with principles delivered to your subconscious! Receive a new Prosperity Poem each week, but YOU get the 13 top poems right now.

You can download a zip file, or simply enjoy the poems and MP3 directly.
These have been the most popular and helpful poems

0 Now My Wealth is Here
1 The Universal Substance
10 Open to Receive
13 A World Based on Giving
19 The Guiding Light
25 Flow With All I Ever Need
32 Wisdom
34 The Architect
40 Things That Matter Most
46 Uniquely You
49 Morning Hours
54 Reaching Higher
58 Eye of Faith

17 Psychological Tricks to Persuade Anyone to Do Anything

Contributed By: Michael Lee

User Image

Discover 17 unique secrets to persuade people to do anything you want them to do!

Inside, you'll discover how to...

- Possess magnetic charisma.

- Use the power of words to get what you want.

- Persuade anyone by asking for more.

- Sell anything.

- Persuade with your body.

- Change anyone's belief.

- Persuade using stories.

- Deal with annoying people.

- Handle difficult customers.

- And More!

7 Secrets To Achieving Personal Freedom

Contributed By: Scott Case

User Image

Download this guide to help you overcome failure.

It’s called “7 Secrets To Achieving Personal Freedom”

You will learn about:
* Live with integrity
* Think positively at all times
* Be happy for other people’s success
* Always be grateful
* Don’t take anything personally
* Stop sabotaging yourself
* Always do your best

A Training Course in Mystical Runes

Contributed By: Llh Media

User Image

A Guide to Mystical Runes is a full training course on Understanding the Secrets of these Ancient Symbols.

Chapter 1: The History of Runes
Chapter 2: The Power of Bind Runes
Chapter 3: Runes & Elemental Forces
Chapter 4: Casting Runes & Divination
Chapter 5: Rune Spreads
Chapter 6: Intuitive Rune Readings
Chapter 7: Runes in Magick & Spirituality
Chapter 8: Protection & Warding
Chapter 9: Runes in Healing
Chapter 10: Runic Amulets & Talismans
Chapter 11: Rune Meditations

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