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Why Repetition Is the Secret to Building Better Habits

Repetition is the key ingredient in changing your subconscious mind.

No matter what it is in life you’re striving to achieve, be successful at or trying to overcome, one often overlooked essential ingredient is simple repetition.

The more you do or say the same thing over and over again, the more likely you’ll make it happen.

If you want to be a good golfer, swimmer or tennis player, the repetition of playing or practising every chance you get is what’ll make you a better performer.

Once we’ve mastered a skill, it goes onto the backburner of our mind along with all our other habits.

Establishing new healthier habits (or breaking bad ones) can improve health, once entrenched into into your schedule they get done on auto pilot.

Reset Meditation

Contributed By: Rufers 
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You're really going to love this...

11:11 is a portal for you to create your heart's desire almost instantly and miraculously.

It’s also a message from your Spirit Guides that they’re helping you every step of the way.

Here are some of the benefits:

- Unleash Your Full Potential
- Improve Your Vitality By Ten-Fold
- Restore Inner Peace & Balance
- Help Eliminate All Your Anxiety
- Accelerated Healing

Gabriel's Song

Contributed By: Rufers 
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An angel visits...

With you in mind,

He has crafted a heartfelt composition for you.

May this angelic tune cause you to be more focused, energised, and enlightened to overcome any challenges today and in the days to come...

The Key Traits That Turn You Into A 'Super Ager'

Contributed By: Carolyn Hansen
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Have you ever wondered how some people manage

What exactly is it they do that allows them to
elude the REACH OF TIME while others succumb
to its withering touch?

We call them the Super Agers.

And I have spent much of my life teasing out
their secrets.

Now that I know them, in this FREE guide I
share the seemingly unfair advantages these
privileged folks have managed to acquire for

Grab my FREE guide now to discover:

* How to become one of the less than 5 PERCENT
who enjoy the benefits of SLOWER AGING...

* The identity of CELEBRITY Super Agers who
REFUSE TO GET OLDER for their audience!

* Why you might want to SKIP RETIREMENT, and
how to create life-enriching STREAMS OF INCOME
to be able to do it.

Why This Way Of Eating Is Best Thing To Ever Happen To Your Metabolism

Contributed By: Carolyn Hansen
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Is This #1 Diet "Trend" Right For You?

There's a popular diet "trend" on the rise faster than ever.

It's not low carb...

It's not gluten-free...

It's not Weight Watchers or Keto...

It's not a detox or cleanse...

This #1 trend is EASIER than ANY of those (which is why it's gaining popularity).

Its been PROVEN to help men and women:
• Increase energy levels
• Improve sleep
• Have clearer skin and healthier looking hair
• Improve mood and attitude
• Help with depression or anxieties
• Have less or even remove bloating
• Sustained weight loss
• Lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer

Download and get started right away with this very special science-backed eating strategy.

Delay aging and disease and feel AMAZING!

Conscious Money Ritual

Contributed By: Kelvin Teo
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This special MP3 contains a proprietary sound pattern…

That is said to ‘activate’ the genes in our body responsible for generating wealth and prosperity…

…Leading to an increase in one’s Current Estimated Wealth Potential (CEWP) — a term the research facility at the Center For Personal Success uses to gauge an individual’s past-to-present net wealth.

A few members of the team have tried it and some reported results in as early as 24 hours.

Whether you are looking to fast-track your path to financial freedom…

Or are looking for a useful resource to start living powerfully…

This FREE audio can help!

Get your copy today!

Moon Meditation Audio (New for 2022)!

Contributed By: Gary 
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Work with the Magic of the Lunar Cycles!

Did you know that the moon has a huge effect on our health, mood, relationships and work?

By harnessing the lunar energy, you can improve and empower every aspect of your life.

- How to get in tune with the Moon
- Powerful meditation for working with the Moon
- Why the high point of the Lunar Cycle - the Full Moon - is a powerful time for shifting blocks and practising forgiveness
- Create magic in every part of your life

Download it here!

Minimalist Living: When Less is More

Contributed By: Scott 
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Get Instant Access To Minimalist Living Special Report

Key Topics of this Special Report
* Are You Stuck in a Loop?
* How Did This Happen?
* It’s All an Illusion – Time to Break Free
* Living on Less
* More Benefits of Less
* And More...

Get the amazing new Heart Chakra Activation Program

Contributed By: Brainwave Store
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- When this chakra is activated it will increase your natural charisma

- Activate and balance this chakra to help you find love

- It is essential to activate and balance this chakra to increase your ability to communicate using your body

You can use the chakra frequency set whilst you are doing other things ...


Prosperity Poem Package! Top 13 Prosperity Poems + Guided Money MP3

Contributed By: Christopher Westra
User Image

Bolster your prosperity and confidence with this Prosperity Poem Package! Boost your wealth and happiness now.

Gain wealth and abundance. Reprogram your beliefs with principles delivered to your subconscious! Receive a new Prosperity Poem each week, but YOU get the 13 top poems right now.

You can download a zip file, or simply enjoy the poems and MP3 directly.
These have been the most popular and helpful poems

0 Now My Wealth is Here
1 The Universal Substance
10 Open to Receive
13 A World Based on Giving
19 The Guiding Light
25 Flow With All I Ever Need
32 Wisdom
34 The Architect
40 Things That Matter Most
46 Uniquely You
49 Morning Hours
54 Reaching Higher
58 Eye of Faith

Wealth BrainSync 2022

Contributed By: Jonathan Soh
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10 minutes Subliminal Audio That Activates Your Abundance Magnetism to Reprogram Your "Mind" for Money

Sleep & Grow Rich!

Contributed By: Michael Lee
User Image

Discover a secret SO STRANGE - yet SO POWERFUL - that it can literally bring you more money, happiness, and success than any other techniques available.

Just imagine... you sleep more deeply and peacefully than you've ever had in your life... then you wake up knowing exactly how to achieve anything you desire - and solve ALL your problems.

Get super fast results, perhaps even by the time you wake up!

This WEIRD SECRET is being used by the world's richest, happiest & most successful people.

Whether it's infinite money, perfect health, satisfying relationships, red hot romance, immense popularity, or the fulfillment of your wildest dreams - just name it and you'll get it!

Download this most unusual e-Book NOW!

Dowsing:For Better Health, Wealth and Knowledge

Contributed By: Llh Media
User Image

Everyone can dowse and receive information; you just have to tune out of the physical world and allow yourself to have a clear mind.

In this Free gift you will learn:

What Is Dowsing?
What Can I Dowse?
Dowsing Tools
How To Use A Pendulum
Obtaining Permission To Dowse
Asking The Right Questions
• Think of a number
• Find the coin
• Ask a question
• Hide and seek
• Supermarket spend
• Health

Grab it while it's Free.

Manifesting Archangels Support & Abundance

Contributed By: Kelvin Siew
User Image

I'm known as the angel of healing and sound health. I sense that there is a pain you want to get rid of.

That's why I'm here today. I have been trying to send you my messages but I noticed that your ability to receiving divine messages is blocked.

No matter what happens, I want you to know that I am, and I will be here for you...

So please accept your divine gift – Manifesting Archangel Support

Celestial Money Blessings

Contributed By: Elizabeth "Celestial" Smith 
User Image

You Are Officially Invited:
Collect Your Celestial Money Blessings Now

Free Subliminal Audios to Effortlessly Attract Life-Changing Abundance And Clear ALL The Money Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back

Unlock the gates to unlimited windfalls today..

Financial Abundance In A Week

Contributed By: Jordan Tan
User Image

It's no coincidence that you are here today.

You are BLESSED with unlimited blessings and abundance!

A gift so elusive.. yet extremely powerful!

It's one-of-a-kind and you probably can't find this anywhere else.

If it's in your desire to attract money, take hold of divine prosperity, and live your best life ever...

Then I suggest you don't skip out on this gift.

Inside, you'll find a Your Mayan Prophecy MP3 to guide you through everything!

Download it here now!

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